Relay connection on a Regalsafe RS-224


I hope someone can help.

Sorry if its a long post, but want to explain it as clear a possible, as im kinda noobish at this.

I got an old Regalsafe Rs-224 from Cooper Menvier.
It has 6 motion sensors and 3 Door Sensors. (originally 4 Door sensors, but one was damaged
under a modification of our house)
It is configured with 8 Zones.

I brought the Alarm Panel Pro 12 zone including 2 x 6 zone interface module v2.1.

As I received the packaged and read up on the konnected item, i found out that i could use the old wiring still attached to the old Circuitboard (just as i was about to dismount all the wires)

So I choose to see if I could get it to work, still using the old panel and board instead of attach the sensors directly to the 12 zone Konneced board.

Succeded to get the 8 zones attached to the 2 x interface modules (6 zones + 2)
And the motions sensor are working fine through the Konneted app and Smartthings App.

The door sensors is recognized but nothing happens when I open/close the doors.

Do I need to attached the Relay to the old Circuit and IN to the 12 zone panel.
The IN i can easily attach to the Out2 on the 12 zone.
BUT I cannot see where i have to attached the 2 wires from the Relay (6 zone board) to the Old Regalsafe circuit.

I will attach a picture of the board.
and pictures of the actual installation

I saw a Konnected Youtube video from their channel where he used a free CCT  zone (high/low) to attach the relay from the Konnected interface module.

But I have no free zones, but have an area on the old circuit that is used for Relay.

Can any tell me what to put where on the part I marked "1" on the first drawing.
If that's where they have to go ?
Sorry cant find any manuals in English (text is Danish).

I can see (see picture taken)
C1 from Relay Area goes to 12 v AUX
TR goes to 0V (GND)

"2" on drawing is power outtake.

"3" is Zones 
Notice COM A/T  is not used ?

"4" is Sabotage input for sound (Sirens I guess)

If further picture og explanation need please ask.

kind regards
JMJ / Denmark