Reading Alarmed status from BELL+/-

I am using a Power 832 DSC panel and the new alarm interface board.

moving this from email to here, if we can get this working might be useful for others.

 Based on our email

I think it may be possible. Try running a wire from the siren + to one of the zones on the Konnected board. You may be able to use the zone input to detect when the siren is powered. I have not tried this but sounds like it'll work.


I have tried the following.

  1. Multimeter across BELL+ and BELL- suggests its normally open with a 1.44v circuit and then during an alarm its a 12v circuit. 
  2. tried setting this to inverse. BELL+ -> 1Kohm -> zone (set as inverse). No change 
  3. tried just connecting BELL + and -  with a resistor (to clear trouble) and attached zone from the interfrace to BELL+ no change in signal.

during all of the above adjusted the pot to ensure the LED just came on.

Any other ideas? 

Should add that I am using PGM1 to report ARMED/DISARMED status and PGM2 is being used for wired smoke detectors. So need to find if the alarm is active via another output.