Ranger 8600 Control Panel with Interface Kit

I am planning to install the 12 zone interface kit in parallel with my Ranger 8600 security system.  Was wondering if anyone has experience with this and specifically how you configured your programmable outputs and keyswitch.  The 8600 install doc seems to indicate that the Auxiliary Output Connector can be used similar to programmable outputs and there is a “remote arm” connector but no documentation on how it should be wired or if programming is needed.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I successfully installed the 12 zone interface kit in parallel with my Ranger 8600 security system.  System configured with 6 monitored zones, 2 programmable outputs for Ready and Armed status, 1 Siren Alert and 1 relay for a keyswitch to remotely Arm/Disarm the system.  I used the first 2 pins of the connector circled in blue for Ready and Armed status.  This is similar to the programmable outputs described in Nate’s Alarm Panel Interface Install Video but no programming required.  I pulled the Siren Alert from wiring connector 15 as described in the Ranger Install Manual.  For the keyswitch, I connected the 2 pins of the Remote Arm connector circled in red to the Konnected relay.  I use SmartThings as my mobile interface and set up an automation so I’m alerted via a text message if an alarm is triggered.  Everything is working great breathing new life into my 26 year old alarm system. 

Thanks Nate and team for a great product and extremely helpful installation video and resources.  Had a few problems with the Wi-Fi setup but ultimately worked through the issues.  Not sure if the problem was on my side or just not understanding some of the messages in the Konnected app.

Thanks very much for the detailed post! I have the same Ranger 6800 system and was trying to decipher the manual to determine if it was compatible. I have a few follow-up questions…

  1. Did you tap into on-board 12V supply or use supplied power adapter? I do not have a socket nearby, so I am hoping the Ranger has enough juice to power Konnected.

  2. Did you have to do any programming to enable the “remote arm” pins? How did you know to connect both pins?

  3. did you need and additional accessories that were not included? The magnetic mounts seem useful. Anything else?

1) I used the power supply adapter that came with the board.

2) no programming was required 
3) I purchased the magnetic mounts and mounted the Wi-Fi modules outside the box for best reception and interface boards in the box.  As you can see from the photos, the box is very cramped.

The only problem I had was trying to figure out how many milli seconds to assign to the arm/disarm switch when setting it up in the Konnected app.  The correct value is 1000.  Took me a while to find that and the switch worked intermittently until I set the correct value.


Photos attached here.