Power Issue

I have a 3 panel system that has worked flawlessly for nearly a year, but within the last week stopped working as the panels would not power up. I’ve attempted to troubleshoot and here is what I’ve found so far. The Konnected powerbank and the power cord to the powerbank are working fine with other devices. From the powerbank I am using the Konnected provided cord splitter to provide power to each of the panels. When I connect panels 2 and 3 the power is fine to the panels but whenever I connect panel 1 then the green light on panels 2 and 3 blink green and do not have a steady light. Does this mean that panel 1 is potentially fried and needs to be replaced? I actually have an extra panel if replacement is necessary. If it is necessary then is there an easy way to migrate the current settings in ST to a new panel?

Appreciate any help!