POE and transformer on Konnected Alarm Panel Pro. Power light on POE hub flashes on and off

I see in the docs for the Pro panel that it is okay to have both the wall wart and POE connected at the same time. However, on my POE hub I see the power light flashing on and off. The POE hub docs say green on (solid) is normal powered state. All other POE devices on my hub stay on solid green. Is it okay to run power both with POE and AC transformer? I noticed a couple places in the docs it says you can disconnect the AC transformer if using POE. What are other people seeing?

Yes, it is ok to power from both PoE and an external 12V power adapter. However, you don’t typically need an external power adapter if you’re running on PoE unless the load of all attached devices (when activated) exceeds 1A @ 12V.

I’m driving several motion detectors and my alarm, all from this board so I think I’m close to 1 amp, if not over. The network connection is through a NetGear POE hub, I don’t have a non POE hub. The POE power light on the hub’s port slowly flashes green. It should be on solid green (all okay), on solid amber (POE error) or off according to the manual. Everything works great just not normal behavior. Don’t want to burn anything out over the long haul.