Piggy back keyswitch on NX8V2 garage fob arm/disarm?

Hi everyone, I have a NX8V2 wired alarm system and I have successfully wired the Konnected 6 zone interface kit and Wifi add on to work with my 6 motion sensors. Then got everything working with Samsung Smart things app.

The last step I am having trouble with is wiring the keyswitch to allow remote arm/disarm from the app.

I have a garage remote which is used to open the garage door and also can be used to arm/disarm the wired alarm system.

Zone 7 has the EOL resistor, which I believe means the end of the motion sensor loop, so I don’t believe I can use this. Zone 8 appears to be used for the garage remote arm/disarm.

Is it possible to piggyback the Konnected interface relay wires into the same zone (appears to be zone 8 in the photo) as the garage remote on the Nx8v2??

It’s hard for me to tell exactly what’s going on here (what’s the board in the first pic?) but if it is what you think and Zone 8 is being used as a keyswitch zone currently hooked up to a garage remote Normally-open relay, then yes I think it should work. If that’s the case, then you should be able to connect the Interface module relay terminals to Z8 and COM on top of the existing wires, and re-use the same keyswitch.

You can test this easily by manually shorting Z8 and COM with a jumper wire. When you do that, does the alarm Arm/Disarm? If so, then you’re all set.

Your Zone 7 looks like it’s unused to me. Sometimes installers put the resistor in there just to keep the zone “active” but unused. It seems to me like you should be able to re-purpose Zone 7 if the plan above fails.

Let us know how it works out!

Hi Nate, I appreciate your reply.

With zone 8, there are actually 6 wires which are split into 3 groups (zone8 and Com, bell+ and bell-, rly1 no and rly1 com). I believe these are connected to the strobe light that sits on the outside of the house and maybe an external siren and something else I am not sure about. I don’t believe I can use any of these 3 groups for the Konnected relay wires.

I believe zone 7 is free as well, but the problem is I don’t have the installer code to reprogram zone 7 to be a keyswitch. I would prefer not to reset the system back to factory just yet, if I don’t have to.

If I was to piggy back (or connect in parallel)…

The garage remote arm/disarm module that is connected to the garage motor is actually connected directly to the alarm keypad itself via a 3 wire wiring harness. So the data flow looks like this: garage remote > garage remote module > alarm keypad > alarm panel (KP DATA, KP COM, KP POS).

Can I use the 2 out of the 3 keypad wires on the alarm panel to connect the 2 relay wires from the Konnected interface module? If yes, which ones would I use? Please see photo.

No, you can’t use the keypad wires for the Konnected Relay. It sounds like your garage module has a data-bus integration with the alarm system via the Keypad. It’s apparently not using a keyswitch.

I think your best option is to program one of the unused zones as a keyswitch.

Thanks Nate, after some more reading, yes you are right.

Looks like I have to do a factory reset and reprogram all my zones.

I appreciate your time and efforts!