OpenHAB Connection

I got my Konnected Alarm Panel Pro yesterday and hooked it up today. 

I was able to find it on the network and I connected a few door contact switches to Zones 1 and 2.  I was disappointed that the device still has the "espressif" hostname. I would have been a little more professional if the hostname was "konnected."

I was able to install the OpenHAB binding using PaperUI, but that binding failed to autodiscover. I also tried to manually define the thing, but that didn't work either. It should be noted, that I had to change the port, as the port listed in the binding documentation wasn't the same. I also had to find the device ID.

I uninstalled the binding in PaperUI and installed the snapshot JAR provided by Konnected. This binding was able to auto-discover and showed the module online. I was unable to add the thing with the text based configuration. There was always a handler error, so I added it in Paper UI. Then I added zone 1 and linked an item. That item stayed null, never updated. I cycled the door...but I knew that wouldn't make a difference. The thing stayed "online" until I updated it's location, then it went offline. Never got any data off it.

Anyone have this thing running on OpenHAB?

Did you ever get it to work properly?

I have had it working at maybe 80% for brief periods of time.