Multiple piezo buzzers in each of the two outputs

I wired two piezo buzzers one on each of the outputs. When turning one on, the other stops sounding regardless of the order in which they are turned on.

Is it expected that only one of two outputs can be active at the same time? If so, is this something that could potentially be fixed with a firmware update?

Yes, they should be controllable independently. Can you give me some more details about your configuration/setup of those outputs and what platform you’re using so I can try to reproduce?

Hi Nate! Thanks for replying and sorry for not getting back to this sooner.

This behavior continues.

I have a Konnected Pro integrated with Home Assistant.

I have a lot of things plugged into the Board so that may be it:

  • I have 8 zones including a wired Motion Sensor which draws power
  • 2 sirens wired to Alarm1
  • A buzzer wired to out1
  • A buzzer wired to alarm2_out2
  • A wired Tablet
  • Ethernet

The board is powered with 12VDC.

I upgraded to the ESPHome firmware and the problem went away. So I think we’re good here :slight_smile:

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