Konnected's Backup Batteries (mini-UPS) now available in the UK, Europe and Australia!

I’m happy to announce that our efficient and cost-effective Mini-UPS Backup Batteries are now available in the UK (and Europe!) via Amazon UK and Australia via our reseller partners SmartGuys!

This compact device features dual-voltage (12V and 5V DC) output to power your Konnected board(s) and/or other consumer electronics such as routers, modems, smart home hubs, Raspberry Pi, etc. It’s more efficient than a “traditional” UPS because it stores and delivers DC power as opposed to traditional household AC power, which then needs to be converted to DC via a power adapter.

We’ve been selling this backup battery in North America for several years with great reviews and tons of repeat purchases. Due to shipping restrictions because the product contains Lithium Ion batteries, until now we were unable to offer it to customers overseas.

Thanks and enjoy!

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