Konnected Expands on Amazon

We are thrilled to announce some exciting updates and new offerings that will enhance your shopping experience and provide even more convenience.

  • Introducing “Buy with Prime” (US Only)

We’re pleased to inform you that we have added the “Buy with Prime” button to the Konnected website. If you’re based in the US and have the Amazon Prime membership, you can now enjoy the benefits of Amazon Prime when shopping for our best-selling products like the Smart Garage Door Opener and Alarm Panel Conversion Kit.


  • Backup Battery Now Live on Amazon UK

Great news for our customers in the UK! The highly anticipated Konnected UPS Backup Battery is now available on Amazon UK. Say goodbye to power interruptions and keep your home security system running smoothly with our UPS Backup Battery.


  • Smart Garage Door Opener Arrives on Amazon US

We are delighted to announce the arrival of our latest device, the Konnected Smart Garage Door Opener, on Amazon US. This brand new offering provides an easy way to retrofit your old garage door opener and make it smart.


As we continue to grow, we are dedicated to reaching customers worldwide. We are currently working on expanding our presence within the international Amazon space to make our products more accessible to customers outside the US and UK. Rest assured that we are committed to sharing any exciting news and updates with you as soon as we have them.

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