Konnected Pro + Home Assistant - Watchdog got triggered

I have a Konnected Pro (1.3.2) integrated with Home Assistant (2022.12.6). The sensors all work and communicate with home assistant as expected, however after a period of random time, the watchdog timer on the konnected pro is getting triggered. 

[32m[INFO   1671065484.970800,   180692][39m src/lfs/ssdp_response.lua:10: Responding to UPnP Discovery request from
[31mE (900247) task_wdt: Task watchdog got triggered. The following tasks did not reset the watchdog in time:[39m
[31mE (900247) task_wdt:  - IDLE (CPU 0)[39m
[31mE (900247) task_wdt: Tasks currently running:[39m
[31mE (900247) task_wdt: CPU 0: main[39m
[31mE (900247) task_wdt: CPU 1: IDLE[39m
[31mE (900247) task_wdt: Aborting.[39m

abort() was called at PC 0x40105de4 on core 0

Backtrace:0x40081d76:0x3ffb0ad00x4008a431:0x3ffb0af0 0x40090a6a:0x3ffb0b10 0x40105de4:0x3ffb0b80 0x40082bc9:0x3ffb0ba0 0x400eddb2:0x3ffbc090 0x400e79b6:0x3ffbc0e0 0x400e578d:0x3ffbc100 0x400e98c6:0x3ffbc120 0x400dbfca:0x3ffbc140 0x400e78c8:0x3ffbc160 0x400ee501:0x3ffbc1a0 0x400e79b6:0x3ffbc1f0 0x400e578d:0x3ffbc210 0x400f2a28:0x3ffbc230 0x400e78c8:0x3ffbc250 0x400ee501:0x3ffbc290 0x400e79b6:0x3ffbc2e0 0x400e4c95:0x3ffbc300 0x400e7201:0x3ffbc320 0x400e7aba:0x3ffbc3a0 0x400e57d6:0x3ffbc3d0 0x400e96ae:0x3ffbc400 0x400dbdb4:0x3ffbc420 0x400f4e21:0x3ffbc480 0x400d7bdb:0x3ffbc4b0 0x4018e087:0x3ffbc4d0

It definitely appears to be some kind of bug in the Konnected firmware as it lists no actual tasks for the watchdog timer reset.

I saw something similar when I first setup, which was due to the Ethernet port not taking the DNS setting from DHCP causing the konnected to fail to find my home assistant instance, which was fixed with hard-coding the IP URL.