Konnected App Update 1.3.2: Support for new GDO White, ESPHome devices, sign-in with Google

A new Konnected app is about to drop!

This is a massive update! It’s already been submitted to both the Apple and Google app stores, and we hope should be available to everyone in the next 24-48 hours. If you can’t wait to try it, join our beta release track for iOS or Android.

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s new:

App Support for the new GDO White

Our newest Garage Door Opener accessory, the GDO White (GDOv2-S) started shipping this month and we’re catching up with this app release to support it. This product is our first product that’s shipping with ESPHome firmware, and to support that we had to completely redesign the way the Konnected app discovers and on-boards devices.

With the new app update, you can now discover the Konnected GDOv2-S on your home network and manage some settings and customization of the device. When you change device settings, what actually happens behind the scenes is that we build a custom firmware update for the device with the new settings built-in. This build-time configuration is all built on ESPHome, but completely managed for you!

SmartThings and Alexa integration for the new GDO White

Now you can link your new Konnected GDO to our cloud platform with automatic integration with SmartThings and Alexa, with just a flip of a setting and a quick firmware update!

When you enable Konnected Cloud, behind the scenes we create secure certificates and bake them into your firmware update so that your device will securely connect to our cloud service. It’s fast and automatic!

App support for all Konnected devices running ESPHome

ESPHome is the future of Konnected’s platform! This update not only enables the new GDO White (which we only distribute an ESPHome firmware for), but it also enables app support for all other Konnected products running ESPHome firmware.

ESPHome is a newer firmware platform that we’ve started distributing last year as an optional alternate firmware, mostly for Home Assistant users. With this update, we’ve made the huge step to support ESPHome as the base firmware for all of our products and platforms.

From a technical perspective, ESPHome is awesome. It’s fast, flexible, and supports a ton of features. However, customizing it is not super end-user friendly, and we’ve had a lot of questions from you all about customizing and configuring ESPHome. With this app update and back-end updates to support it, we’re making it simple to customize and use your firmware without having to know anything about ESPHome or firmware. Everything is managed thru the app, and we prepare the updated firmware for you so all you have to do is follow the steps to update your device.

with Google

This one is pretty self-explanatory. We added Sign-in with Google across all of our app and website platforms to make it easier for you to sign up and sign in to Konnected’s cloud service.

What other social sign-in providers would you like to see?

A little rough around the edges.

This app update is pretty massive underneath the surface. A huge amount of work has gone into the back-end to allow us to manage your firmware configuration, prepare customized firmware updates for you, and deliver them to your device. We’ve worked hard to make this process as smooth as possible, but we did run into snags along the way. This app release is huge step in the right direction, but we’re well aware that there are some rough spots and the user experience has room for improvement.

Please use this thread to ask questions, report problems, and share your feedback. We expect to iterate quickly and provide updates weekly.

Those of you waiting to add your new GDO White to SmartThings – now you can! Thank you for your patience, and as always thank you for being part of the Konnected community.


So will this new App let me disable the EventSource Shutdown every five minutes on Homeseer? (I think this is caused by rebooting when it doesn’t find a Home Assistant connection active?)
I see there is a setting to Enable Native API - if I leave this OFF, will that disable the rebooting?

In the Enable Web Server, Is the default no password, or an old default password? Because I don’t think the Homeseer Plugin Alex built currently has a way to enter credentials.

Hi Buddy. What I think you’re referring to is that ESPHome reboots periodically if the Native API is enabled but no clients are connected. This is by design to help with re-discovery/re-connection of native clients like Home Assistant.

You’re using the Homeseer integration which is not using the native API it’s using the web API instead, so this feature is a nuisance instead of a help.

So the answer is yes, in this app update we’ve introduced a firmware customization service where you can pick and choose which firmware features you want to enable and customize certain features. In your case, you’ll want to disable the Native API and enable the Web Page / API and that should solve the reboot problem.

The way the process works is that you use the app to customize your firmware features, and then we build a firmware update for your device. You need to apply the firmware update to the device currently by plugging it into a computer, but we’re working on an OTA update method via the app.

The default is no password (open to any client on your network).

Hi Nate, so what do I need to do after enabling the WebServer API? Because in the app it just looks like you flick the toggle - and it should just work?

One minor issue - when I go to the device settings, click the “Get Started” button - change any setting, click ‘back’ (Android) - it shows the screen with “Save” button, then immediately goes back to “Get Started” screen.

When you change the device settings in the app, it doesn’t update on the device immediately. After updating your settings, tap Save then Update firmware and we start preparing a firmware update for your device in the background. This update needs to be applied to the device before it takes effect.

This is because ESPHome firmware is configured at build time, so core settings can’t be changed on the fly.

A bunch of UX and usability updates are coming to this part of the process in the next app update, probably next week.


As an ESPhome user, are there instructions for migrating my 12 PRO board across? Written or video?


No videos or detailed instructions yet. We are still refining the process within the app.

Please do NOT include any sign in options, links or any association what so ever to anything FACEBOOK or owned by META. They have proven to be corrupted by the US Government, and continue to monitor and censor members, often behind their back, at their, or the governments will.
Associating Konnected with Facebook is suicide by association in my book.

Thank you very much,
A long time and loyal Konnected user.

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