Konnected Alarm and ELK-110 Voice Siren and SmartThings

I'm having a bit of trouble getting my ELK-110 voice siren working with my Konnnected board Alarm out on main board.  I've wired 12V directly to the ELK board, and taken my yellow wire for burglar voice and connected to both ALM + and - and get odd results.  Just touching the yellow wire to the + connection immediately causes the siren to sound, even though it has not been activated in ST.  Connecting the yellow wire to the ALM - does nothing despite activating the Siren in ST.  The ELK -110 is also capable of different sirens  like fire and CO, should I just be using a regular port on the board to initiate the different alarms.

I'm getting ready to purchases two Panel Pro Alarms, I have the same question for the ELK 110, is there a wiring diagram for the Pro to work with the voice driver?