Installing multiple 4-wire smoke detectors

Hey all-

I have a home with several smoke detectors from my old alarm system (2-wire). I have decided to run 4 wire to as many locations as possible, and upgrade the wired smoke detectors to work with Konnected. One detector in the basement already had a single 4-wire running to it, so I replaced it with a 541NCSRH ESL 4-wire. I plugged the com into an open zone on my Konnected board, and gave it 12V power, and it works perfectly. 

My question, is now that I am running wire to all the other locations, can I daisy chain these new 4 wire detectors at the panel, and have them all connect to one zone on Konnected? Or does each detector need its own zone? And what about end-of-line relays and auxiliary relays? It is hard to figure out which models to buy to daisy chain multiple detectors. I'd prefer if they could all connect to one zone, so I dont need another Konnected panel.

Thanks in advance - there is not a ton of info out there regarding smoke detectors and Konnected.