Help with Smoke detectors pls!

Hi there, 

I have a two panel Konnected setup which is working great (not completely finalized yet) on top of a highly complex, large legacy setup with an insane number of zones across two areas.

However one thing that has stopped me - this house has 18 hardwired smoke detectors!

They are mostly GE / ESL 541cxt, 4 wire. 

Obviously the idea of wiring up each one of those to a Konnected end point does seem logical. 

I am mulling over upgrading them to First Alert wireless ones, but that's a very significant investment.

Is there a simple solution here? some way to wire them all into one zone?

something else? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as right now I have a house full of disconnected smoke detectors which is obviously suboptimal ;-)

thank you!

 The compromise would be to wire area's together. Since you have 18, that would be 6 groups of 3 on a single Konnected panel. If they are all grouped nearby it helps you pinpoint what alarm is going off. I would likely go that route and than slowly replace them with the First Alert ones as they come up for replacement.