Hubitat and Konnected app

I have my Konnected set up on my Hubitat which is fine
My question is does the Konnected app itself work too I can’t seem to get anything on the Konnected app

Many thanks

You should be able to discover the device on the app as well.

If there are no devices listed in 'My Devices"; Go to ‘Add New Device’; instead of entering WiFi info, click the skip button at the bottom to start discovery. It should search your local network for any active devices.

Hi thanks for your reply. I tried that but nothing it works fine on Hubitat. Do you think if I delete the app and reinstall it. If that would work.

Many thanks.

Sounds more like a network issue rather than an app issue. Make sure you are on the same network.

Did you try to manually add the IP?


I have the up address but it asks for the port number I have no idea how to find the port number

Again thanks

Since you have hubitat already connected, I believe it is visible in the hubitat app. Not at home at the moment to see the exact location. Otherwise you would have to do a port scan.

Thank you I will have a look