How to put two door sensors on same zone

I have two doors in same room on separate zones currently but I’d like to put both on one zone. If I try to wire them together the sensor reads open even when the doors are closed. I don’t think I understand how to wire this up properly. I’d like the sensor to read open when one of the doors…or both are open and I’d like the sensor to read closed when both doors are closed. I’d like to think this is possible.

This is possible. You need to wire them in series. In other words, the positive wire will go to a zone. The negative from that sensor will go to positive of the next one. You will repeat this process for however many sensors you desire to put in the group. You will be left with a negative wire which needs to go to a Gnd on the Konnected board.

So basically when the circuit is broken by any of the sensors it will show as open. All of them must be closed to show as closed. Hope that helps.

Great. Thanks Andy! Got to try it this weekend and it works in series.

Is there an example (i.e. image/picture) that shows how this is done in Konnected?  the images on the site aren't helping to clear up what I need to do to make this work.