Door Sensors with no Zone Wires?

First timer and just setup my system- a breeze! PC1616 panel with 5 zones used (of 6 available). Strangely, two of my doors are working (chime on DSC keypads when open/closed) but somehow aren’t included in those 5 zones. Where could the wiring be?? With the keypads?

Additional detail: the Keypad is calling these door sensors Zone 6 and Zone 7 … but no wires are connected to Zone 6 on my panel and the panel does not have a Zone 7 … it’s magic?!

The door sensors wire to the keypad.

That’s right! Can I get them connected to Konnected?

You would need to re-route the two sets of zone wires from to the DSC keypad to the Konnected panel. Or run new wires from the sensors to an existing Konnected panel. Or you could install an Add-on panel near the existing DSC keypad, if that makes it easier; the Konnected panels do not need to be near each other.