Homebridge doesn't recognize UUID

I've tried installing the Konnected plugin multiple times but I haven't achieved success yet. I have three Alarm Panel Pro boards up and running, and recognized by the Konnected app on my iOS device.

However, every time I've tried to load the Homebridge plugin nothing gets picked up by HomeKit. I've tried loading it as a child bridge and I've tried using various different sensor types and whatnot. The only thing I've noticed is that the UUID field is not being populated. I would add it to my config manually (since the field in the GUI does not allow manual input) but I can't seem to find it through the Konnected app or through the device's web portal. There is a "Device ID," but I don't think that is the whole UUID.

Any way to address this?

It sounds like this could be an issue with the SSDP lookup on UPnP, try following the below article: