Help with Enrty/exit timers

Hi, i am trying to get my system configured  before doing the big switch over and i have a few problems/questions

I plan to use a Amazon fire 7 as the control panel just inside the door, some family members will use their phones as present sensors and some will need to use the Tablet to deactivate the alarm.

One of the main problem is adding the entry and exit bleeps ( to keep the wife happy),  i have SHM Delay installed and set up, this seem it works fine in Armed away mode giving you time to open and close the door and the same returning.  i have installed Webcore to try and create a  piston for the bleeps but this is doing my head in can anyone give some assistance please, i am sure it is just a simple bit of coding.

i just want the system to beep for 20 second until the system is armed  and then to beep for 20 seconds on returning

The front door has a contact sensor attached, this leads to a small hallway that is covered by a Motion  sensor and the tablet is going to be place on the wall in the hallway.

thanks for any help

my main issue is setting a exit/entry bleep on the system like 

Have you found a solution for this yet?  My wife is wanting me to configure it to do the exact same thing.  Thanks!!

My wife as well. Any solutions for the exit/entry delay?

Have you thought about adding a piezo buzzer dedicated to the exit and entry timer at a particular location?

My wife wants the same thing. Has anyone come up with a solution?