Help Needed with Setting Up My Konnected System

Hello Everyone,

I am new to Konnected and just got my system. I am very excited but I am also a bit overwhelmed. I have followed the setup guide but I am stuck at the part where I need to connect the Konnected board to my existing wired sensors.

  • Is there anyone else who can share some tips or some setup guide to process on how to do this ? Primarily I am seeking:
  • How can I correctly identigy and connect the wires from my old alarm system to the Konnected board.
  • Make sure that everything is properly powered and safe.
  • Is there any common issues to avoid ?

I appreciate any help or advice that you can offer. I already read official guide: but its complicated to understand so I want some easy steps.

Thanks in advance for your guidance and support.

Steve :grinning: :grinning:

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Hi Steve - I just went through the same process (learning curve) you are currently facing. Today, Wed., Jun 26, I identified the wires from my old system. I used a combination of the labeling on the old panel cover (which was very inaccurate), a tone generator, and a multi-meter. The identification process is probably the hardest and most important. As an example of my workflow, I would disconnect a wire from the old system, connect the wires to the multi-meter and/or tone generator, and go to every door and/or window until I found the correct wire. It is just a matter of elimination. The oddest thing to me was that I identified four wires showing up as closed circuits (terminated somewhere) but not being used for any entry or sensor in the house. I suspect that they were terminated somewhere by the previous owner. The bottom line is to go wire by wire until you identify each sensor and properly label them with new permanent labels. You are then ready to connect them one by one to your new Konnected board. Remember that you can add doors/windows in batches to Konnected - you don’t have to do it all as one task. For me, I simply connected my front door and motion sensors. I will do the rest later this week.

Hope this helps!

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I agree with you.