Garge door opener offline on smartthings/alexa

i just connected my garage door opener (v2) and after that I tried to set settings up. it sims like the firmware update is stuck and i’m getting this status.

The big problem is that I can see it connected through konnected app but through smartthings app or alexa app it’s sims like it’s offline, so i can’t control my gate not through smartthings or alexa. (I have also Fibaro HC3, and tuya central if it can help)

Hi @arik_tsarfati,

Please try updating your Konnected app (v1.4.0 just released yesterday/today!) and try your firmware build again. Make sure to enable Konnected Cloud in the firmware settings, then when the firmware update is finished preparing, use the app to update your device. Once updated, it should come online in ST and Alexa.

Feel free to reply here if you still have problems.

Thaks for the quick response
I dod the firmware app update and It just help me for another step.
It’s sims like I’m still stuck in that step (more than 10 min) and im in this screen

Hmm, this might be a server error on our side. Please contact us at with your Konnected account email or device ID and reference this thread. I will look into it for you.

@arik_tsarfati This should be fixed now! I believe it was a cross-region issue, as it appears that you are accessing our app from the EU region. This was a case that we unfortunately didn’t test thoroughly.

I’ve implemented a fix and I think it should succeed now! Can you give it another try and let us know?