Garage Door Opener Support in Hubitat Is Needed

My Konnected Pro board works great in Hubitat. And I have no problems using my Konnected Garage Door Opener in Smart Things, but I recall being promised Hubitat support in a couple of months, now long passed.

OTOH, I have seen no updates from Hubitat since like late June (it is September 8 today). That is a concern by itself as they usually have updates way more frequently. Have they gone under? Long summer hiatus?

So, circling back, is Hubitat support still planned for the Garage Door Opener? If so, when? I have two more GDO’s to order and wire up, but not without some kind of dashboard button supporting them. I do almost everything for the house and alarm from a Huibtat Dashboard.

A bit of news on that front?


Hi Steve,

Yes, support for the Garage Door Opener in Hubitat is still planned. As for when, I don’t have a timeline to share just yet. We have many competing development priorities and a small team, so unfortunately not everything can be done with the highest urgency.


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Thanks for the reply.
Really looking forward to it when you have it.
I’ll buy two more GDO’s when you do.
I doubt that impacts your work scheduling one bit! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your continued support, @Steve_Kutoroff.
I think you’ve just signed yourself up as a beta tester :wink:

@Steve_Kutoroff Integration for Hubitat is finally ready! Will you be the first to try it? See my post here: