Garage door opener in Hubitat floods log with TCP errors

After updating the Hubitat software (probably no relationship to the error), on the final restart one of my GDOs flooded the log with hundreds of these messages:
dev:5602023-12-18 20:02:39.421warn[W][ota:147]: Socket could not enable tcp nodelay, errno: 104
Finally, the Hubitat got sick of this and reported:
dev:5602023-12-18 Device 560 generates excessive hub load on line 1721 (method socketStatus)

It was night and I would have to move the car and bring up a ladder to power cycle the GDO. Then I realized I could just flip the breaker panel switch for the garage and power cycle all of them. They all came up solid.

So, this is just a possible bug report or incident report on the GDO.

I am also unable to add my GDOs to the Konnected app. They were installed/updated for use with Hubitat in the last few weeks.
Cannot find the GDO port number to use in any documentation, but I do recall needing to use port 8118 (?) when setting it up. Tried to use nmap to find a port, but the one identified by nmap was a dud with the Konnected app with iPhone.
With iPad, results are similar, but the Konnected Pro board allowed me to update its software and firmware. Worked nicely.
I tried the find button, but it finds nothing (should find 4 devices).

Happy Holidays.

From what I have found by tinkering and playing around with it, the GDO with the ESPHome firmware doesn’t communicate with the Konnected app.
You can however access the device by going to the IP address of the GDO in your web browser. It uses the standard http port 80.

As far as the error reported in the logs, I have no idea, I have not seen anything like that with mine.

I wasted a little time thinking it must (connect to Konnected app).
The http interface is interesting, useful.
Looks like it will support an update from a file, but the app works nicely with the alarm boards.

The log action from one GDO was quite a concern. But easy to move past it, since I was home.

Cheers and Happy Holidays and all that.


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