Firmware customization via Konnected app for Homeseer

And little other note about the app - when I change the settings and it re-builds the FW - the app says that when the build process is finished I should receive email with further steps. And these steps in the email describe connecting the USB and install the new FW from the server. Neither app or email mention the OTA. So I wasn’t aware that I can update the new FW via the app when it’s ready - so I was wasting time following the email instructions.

@alexbk66 maybe you’re just not reading all the words?

That’s the problem @nate - this “words” appear when the FW is ready - after 10-15 minutes. But initially when I submit the FW build - it says that it will take awhile and I can close the app and wait for the email with instructions - that’s what I did.

@nate Just saw this thread and decided to update my two BLAQ’s to clear the 15 minute reboot that is happening in my homeseer logs. Created new firmware for both devices - and the weird thing is, one of them updates to “current” which is reported as and the other updates to “current” which it reports as… Thinking maybe there was just something weird - I attempted to build a new firmware for the Blaq, and the new firmware still shows…

Do you have multiple build servers and somehow “latest” is out of sync? Thanks!

The last digit is unique to your device, and represents the number of times you’ve built a new firmware configuration.

So and are actually the same version of the project firmware (1.1.1) but one was updated twice and the other three times.

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