Fire tablet alarm set notification

I would like my tablet to behave like my old system. When I set the alarm I would like a beeping noise giving me 30 seconds audible notification that the system is arming. I would also like it to start beeping when I enter the room to remind me to turn off the alarm before the siren goes off. Can anyone help me to achieve this goal?

Don’t know which automation platform you’re using, but I created an automation rule in Hubitat with an Aeotec Siren that achieves the goal (chime sounds a tone during the 60 second arming delay, sounds a different tone when entering through a delayed door and the system is armed)

Not being tech savy, could you provide me a step by step instruction how to make this happen. It would make my wife extremely happy.

I’d need to know which home automation platform you are using; I can walk you through the setup I have for Hubitat. I haven’t using SmartThings in several years so I don’t know anything about how their current app functions other than to give a very broad overview of the rule you would have to set up.

In talking with the people at Smart Things they tell me their system can't do it. So if Hubitat can do it I will buy a Hubitat hub

Yeah, Hubitat can do it.  Plus their community support is awesome.  Fair warning, if you're not particularly tech savvy Hubitat is pretty involved; it does not have a pretty dashboard app off the shelf, you have to go in and design it from the ground up.  I glanced through the ST community forum and I couldn't see a way to make a tone work without some sort of custom driver with how the current SMH works.

That being said, and I'm definitely giving Hubitat a recommendation here, if you're willing to go through the forums and work a little with the software, Hubitat lands you a rock solid automation platform that doesn't fall victim to random cloud outages (or, at least not for the foreseeable future according to the admins, subscription fees or no automation i.e. Wink).

In a nutshell, because it won't make much sense unless you have a HE hub and start setting up some rules, you do the following:

  1. Either use a IOT siren/chime (personally I use an Aeotec 6 Siren) or the included piezo buzzer with the Konnected board
  2. Make sure Hubitat Safety Monitor app (note that you have to install the built-in app for it to appear in the list of Hubitat apps) is set up with arming delay and intrusion delay for the entryways you wish
  3. Using Rule Manager, create a couple of triggered rules.  One rule for the arming delay notice (Trigger event will be HSM status becomes Delayed Arming Away), actions for this trigger will (in my case) be to repeat 12 times at 5 second intervals the chime on my siren (or you can push it to the piezo buzzer).  The second rule for the intrusion delay is set up the same way.
  4. You can adjust the times and fine tune it more (i.e. if you want faster tones during the last few seconds of arming)

As an example of what you can do with Hubitat and creating your own dashboard, I created my own panel here.  Fairly comfortable with tech, but not a programmer in any way shape or form.  

Hope this helps somewhat.  Because the spousal approval factor is a definite make or break.