[europe] Aritech alarm system

I'm trying to convert a aritech alarm to konnected.io  with nodemcu + baseboard.

But for some reason the contacts & PIR's dont work with connected? i'm using the aux +/- from the orginal panel. The PIRS have 4 wires (red/blue green/yellow) i connect them in the same way as they where on the alarm panel, but motion is not registert....

i have no idea why, any tips ?


I opened one of the pirs. There are resistors between the relay and tamper… i.e. the green/yellow are not connected directly to the relay …
Would connecting the green/yellow directly to the relay contact work? And thus not using the tamper connection?

Ok. I just removed all the resistors and connected only the relay contacts. Now everything works as expected. Really nice project this!

Hello Koen, I’m trying to find a way to connect my Aritech CD34 to Home Assistant and this might be an option; is yours still running? Would you it the same again, in this year, 2024?