Konnected and Aritech CS375

Hi All

I’m currently looking at my old alarm system.
Let me explain the situation.
The kids are getting older and they want to be able to come home on their own.
I’m planning on installing a smart lock. And i have in my mind that when that smart lock is unlocked with a known badge, the alarm system can deactivate via home assistant automation.

What connected product can i use for this? We have two keypads that we maybe want to keep using.

Thank you for helping me out!


If your intent is to keep the old Aritech system and automate it via Home Assistant, then you will need one of Konnected’s Interface kits. The Interface kit connects in-parallel to the traditional alarm system.

To automate disarming the traditonal system, you would need to program one of the zones on it as a keyswitch. Hook up this keyswitch to the Konnected interface module and then set up your HA automation to trigger it to disarm when desired.