DSC PC1864 + Konnected Alarm Panel Pro - strobe light with external siren wont turn off?

hi everyone,

I've installed the konnected alarm panel pro with our DSC PC1864 and followed Nate's guide via youtube to get it going https://youtu.be/fcY0dYuBQCo

Mostly its doing what it should, however I've been told (thanks to the neighbours) since installation our external siren has a strobe light and that strobe light is flashing non stop. The only way to turn it off is literally turn off the entire alarm system.

I've scoured the documentation in the DSC books to try identify why/what but nothing means a strobe light in there and I'm at a complete loss what might be causing this.

Hoping someone might of faced similar situation and have some ideas/recommendations on things to try.

Thanking everyone in advance.

That doens't actually help the question that I raised 2 years ago but thanks for adding that.