DSC-PC1550 Keyswitch configuration

Hi. Trying to integrate my old DSC-PC1550 board with 6 zone Interface + 6 zone Alarm Panel Conversion. According documentation, an empty zone is required to configure the keyswitch. Any help or document that support me how to configure keyswitch in empty zone? Thanks

I am in the same boat!.. the help section is all over the place. I am using the old Konnected firmware / api into Homeassistant. I am now at the stage where I need to create a momentary switch connected to the replay. however the Relay does not appear in Homeassistant. now I discovered I have to migrate to esphome!/!

Hi. I suggest you migrate to ESPhome to integrate with to HA. Not easy process but once integration works, you’ll see all entities (but not relay) associated to konnected device. I checked all documentation but didn’t find any mention about DSC PC1550 configuration. Understand that is a discontinued model, but works for me since a long time. Waiting for some support on this…Thanks