DSC Power864 with 3x Zone Expanders (on a different floor!)

Hi folks,

Need some advice to spec up the Konnected kit that I might need. Current setup:
DSC Power864 Security System.
PC5020 V3.10 Main Panel
2x LCD5500Z Keypads
3x PC5108 Zone Expanders
Phone communicator gubbins (but there’s no phone line!)

It’s been installed with a separate zone for each window, so there’s currently 32 total zones, which covers 21 windows (in only three rooms), four Door switches and 6x PIR, plus a tamper switch zone. The separate zone for all the windows seems like overkill? 21 different reed switches could probably be rationalised down to 3x groups one for each room.

So there’s probably only about 14 zones needed, plus maybe a couple of extra zones for key switch?

I’d like to try and keep the existing keypads operational, so looking at the Interface kit option.

Here’s the big challenge though: the 3x Zone Expanders (PC5108) are at the OTHER end of the house on a different floor from the Main Panel (PC5020).

Two key questions:

  1. Can I make this work?
  2. What kit and accessories do I need?

I’ll write up and share the result if it does work, because there’s probably others with similar challenge!