Device Discovery Issue

Hi all,

I have Konnected device and Smartthings Hub. They both connect to the same internet. But I cannot discover Konnected device. The triangle error appears. I look it up to WireShark to determine if your network is correctly passing SSDP traffic from SmartThings hub to wireless network. In wireshark I saw Connected SSDP packages but not Hub packages. I couldn’t find the solution. Does anyone know how to solve this issue?

By the way I checked router settings, there was no upnp.

I had my Konnected 6 port device for over a year without issues and lately its been disconnecting from network. Is there anything I should be doing ? Theres been no change on my wifi and my card is getting power. If I reboot the card the wifi connects but it doesnt stay active for too long. 

Please advise