Connecting to a Hub

Hi all, I’ve just received my Konnected panel and have been reading up on all the setup documentation before I begin diving into the installation. I read the notes on connecting to Smart Things or Home Assistant. It wasn’t clear to me if this a mandatory pre-requisite for Konnected or whether I can just run the system without a Hub?

Konnected is a bridge from your legacy sensors to a SmartHome hub. You will need either SmartThings or HomeAssistant to make Konnected work. You can check out this post to get more info.

Thanks Andy, I've gone through all those pages on how to get the Hub installed however I'm still a little confused as to the overall architecture.

From what I can tell, it says I need either a Samsung SmartThings Home Hub device OR a Home Assistant Hub (which can be installed on Raspberry Pi).

I am planning to go down the Home Assistant route since I already have a Raspberry Pi. My question now is, in order to have my alarm system resilient to power outages do I need to have a battery backup for the Home Assistant Hub? In Nate's descriptions, he's only mentioned that we supply the Konnected Alarm Panel and our Wifi Router with a battery backup but there is no mention about power backups for SmartThings/Home Assistant Hubs?

I guess it goes back to my original question, will the system still work when there is no Smart Hub in between? I don't have any other smart devices around the house that I need to connect with a smart hub.

Yes you would need back up power for the home hub. Konnected won't do anything if can't communicate with a hub. It's just the appendages (or maybe the nervous system) of the security system. It can't do anything without the brain.

In the case of HomeAssistant on a Raspberry Pi that would work great. And you can have back up power via UPS or we have some Konnected backup batteries that will work great.

Great, thanks Andy. I'll press on with the HomeAssistant.

This is an old thread, but I thought I’d comment in case any one else was looking for the same answer. I just installed Konnect and I am using the SmartThings app without the hub. It works great. The hub is not needed if all you are doing is controlling the security system. You have to identify the devices in konnect cloiud then configure the smart things app and its home monitor plug in to have alarm control over your sensor devices.