Can’t find Noonlight option in Konnected app

Hi. Trying to get the Konnected cloud Noonlight integration working and can’t find the option anywhere in the app. Region all looks good. Any ideas ? Thx

Should have explained - trying to use the Smart Things / cloud method, not Home Assistant. Thanks !

@nate just bumping to you please.

Our Noonlight service is only available in the U.S. so if you are not in the U.S. then that may be why the Noonlight menu item doesn’t show up in the app.

I think it detects your country based on browser locale so if you’re phone locale is set to some other country that may also be why it doesn’t show.

Thanks so much. I knew the service was US only, but didn’t realize my iPhone settings were involved. I thought it might simply be the region where my Konnected account is registered. Changed iPhone region to USA and the option came on.