Blaq V2 feature requests

I know it’s not out yet, but if you are looking for suggestions for a V2 of the Blaq people might join in.

My initial request would be a DC-DC power input with a wider input range.

The Merlin garage door I have (MS65MYQ) has a 30 Vdc / 50 mA External Accessory Power supply . Being able to power the Blaq off the GDO would be very convenient - I currently use a Shelly 1 as an ESPHome relay, powered off the GDO.

Also - clearer wiring guides might be helpful.
I have IR obstruction sensors wired into the GDO (required for AU/NZ standards). Do these need to be wired in parallel to the Blaq and the GDO, or does the Blaq read the state from the eSerial?

Great looking product- I am interested in getting one just to obtain door open percentage…

Unfortunately 50mA is not enough to power the GDO blaQ.

We also thought it would be nice to draw power directly from the garage door unit and we really tried to make it work. After real-world testing though, we found it to be not viable. The blaQ will ship with a small plug-in power adapter.

Yes, the obstruction sensor is wired in-parallel. There will be more wiring guides available at launch, but the wiring is pretty simple, just three connections:

Red - red wire to wall control
White - GND
Black/grey - wire from obstruction sensor

Thanks - great to get the confirmation re the amperage before I went with a home-brew step down dc-dc converter.