Aritech As610 external Siren

Hi i’m new here.

I boght an Alarm panel pro. My problem is, that i have an external Siren from Aritech witch is battery backed. It needs to be powered with 13,8 volt. Can i power it from my old alarm panel and use only the alarm1 to trigger it or can i power it directly from the alarm panel pro?

Thank you for your help.

You can power it from the Alarm Panel Pro. It will work just fine at 12V.

Thank you for your quick answer. I will try it.

If you are powering your panel with PoE, that power is limited, and may not be enough to power the alarm, depending on it’s wattage. If it’s powered by a wall wart transformer, it should be enough. If your panel resets when you turn the alarm on, that means it didn’t have enough power for both the siren and the alarm panel.

I power it over a usp witch can controll also the voltage from 9-12-15-20 Volts. If it have not enough power can i switch to 15 V?