Using 13V Power out from Honeywell Accenta

Hi ,
I have a Honeywell Accenta and plan to leave it in place . I have a Konnected Pro unit which I purchased via US lately.

I wanted to power the Konnected Pro unit via the Accenta Board . The Accenta has outputs for Alarm Bell Box ( which Im not using ) , but the supply is 13V. My intention was to use this output for power.

Any advice on whether this is ok or not? I can see that the Konnected Pro needs 12V but am not sure if risk damage with the 13V Alarm panel output. I see the power to all PIRS is also 13V but I would imagine they are 12V units also.

Thanks in advance!


Yes, this will work! Just ensure that it’s 13V DC output (it probably is, because most alarm AUX outputs are DC, but just make sure it’s not AC).

The Konnected Alarm Panel Pro can be powered by up to 24V DC power supply. See the Alarm Panel Pro Tech Specs.

Also you’ll need at least 500mA of power to power the Pro, and more if you’re powering any siren or always-on devices thru it. Make sure that the Accenta output is not too power limited.

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Thank you Nate ! Really appreciate your response :+1:t2: