9 motion sensors and 2 sirens .. can the pro power it?

I am planning to replace my old tradicional alarm with the 12 zone pro Konnected

I don’t have door/glass sensors, but I do have 9 motions sensors and 2 sirens (1 internal, 1 external)

Will the pro be able to power all of this ?



Check the current draw or power requirement of the sirens, those are going to be the most power-hungry device.

The Alarm Panel Pro kit ships with a 12V 2.5A (30W) power adapter and it’s rated for up to 2.5A input. My rule of thumb is to allow up to 200mA for the Pro itself, and the rest is available for AUX and switched devices.

A motion sensor only draws 30mA ~ 50mA, so more than enough juice for your 9 motion sensors.

A siren can draw 500mA up to 2A of current depending on the model, so it varies quite a bit. The sirens we sell draw up to 500mA ~ 700mA for the larger one. If you have two 1A sirens plus 9 PIRs at 50mA each (very conservatively), plus 200mA for the Pro itself, you’re just over that 2.5A max.

The best thing to do is test it. Hook everything up and run both sirens for a minute or two (condolences to your neighbors) and make sure everything stays on. The worst that could happen is the power supply drops out and the board will reboot. You don’t want that happening in a real-life alarm scenario.

Also, if you have a multimeter, you can test the actual power draw of each component and get much more accurate measurements. The rated maximum is often very conservative.

Thanks, very informative!!

I now need to decide if I setup the pro to replace my DCS alarm or do a setup that keeps the old one in parallel

I don’t really need to keep the old one, but I could keep it to power some of the system I guess ?

Do you loose anything by running it in parallel ?