Any way to get a notification / prevent arming when sensor is open?

Loving the Konnected and ST setup! Quick question.

Tried looking around and searching for various terms (here and ST forums) that may give me the answer to this if it exists. Sorry if it does!

Is there any way to get a notification about sensors that are open when trying to arm the system (manually or otherwise)?

Normally whenever I arm the system (stay or away), it pops up with a push notification that says something along the lines of "armed but kitchen is open." (Galaxy s8)

I never had to configure any settings, unless you're not even getting the push notification?

Interesting, yea i'm not getting that notification. I get the one when the alarm goes off, so I don't believe the app is blocked from sending them.

I can also say that all of the sensors are operating properly, opening and closing when appropriate. Siren as well.

This is what I'm using, any differences from your setup?

ST Hub Model: STH-ETH-250
App: Smartthings Classic

Sensors: Konnected + some wireless Dome sensors

Got the notification! I was arming it pretty quickly after opening a door, so that may have been the reason. I waited a little longer and got the appropriate notification.