Alarm triggered in HK, what is the next steps (or recommend setup)?

Nice plugin via Homebridge.r/HomeKit - Alarm Triggered, what is the process flow? Does the alarm auto-disarm and turn off siren or rearm or do I need to manual do it?

What is the process flow here once the alarm is triggered?

Please provide the simple process flow:

Here is what I'm trying to achieve:

1: I arm the unit via HK

2: Nnce the alarm is triggered, the siren goes off. (Can I set in HK how long the siren stays on before it turns off)

3: if the answer to 2 is yes, when the sirens turns off after x, what will HK display for the alarm?

3: Question: how do I get it out of triggered mode? Or am I supposed to leave it in triggerd mode and after x mins, siren will turn off and the unit will be still armed? Will it show triggerd or away status in HK.

Answer to #2 is: no, HomeKit doesn’t provide anything like that.

Like any other common security system, when the system is triggered, the system must be set to “Off” to turn off the alarm/siren.

I'm going to create an automation via Node-red on RPI to turn the alarm siren off after 10mins.