Alarm triggered when Homebridge restarted

If i restart my Homebridge (running on Synology DSM 7 syno-spk v 2.2.1) and the Konnected Alarm is set to Night or Away on Homekit, then the Alarm is triggered and the Siren sounds.

If it's set to Home or Disarmed then the alarm isn't triggered on restart.

This is an issue for me if I need to do updates etc and Homebridge requires rebooting or if Homebridge crashes and reboots (which is happening due to another plugin), then the alarm sounds (sometimes in the middle of the night).

Homebridge version 1.4.0

Node.js version 16.13.2

Npm version 6.14.11

Konnected version 1.1.8

New to Homebridge and Konnected, but very happy with the system and plugin, great work!

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