Trigger mode for tamper switches?

I've now completed the setup of my Konnected Pro and I've finally set up all my automations in the Home app.

The last step was to connect the tamper switch in the alarm box.

There doesn't seem to be a setting in the Triggerable Modes to have a sensor trigger the alarm in all states (even OFF/Disarmed).

I can set up an automation in the Home app (when the tamper switch is opened, sound the alarm) but this won't trigger the alarm, only activate the siren/strobe. I'd still want to get a notification.

Is is even possible to 'trigger' the alarm when it's off?

Thanks again!

There are two features on HomeKit security systems that report specific scenarios that describe one of which you are talking about: fault and tamper. I have not implemented them in the latest version. I’ve added them to the queue of features to work on. I have no estimate when these will be completed.

Fantastic. Thanks for the reply, Mike!

I should’ve looked up and read your notes again, as this sounds familiar.

Good to know I’m not misunderstanding anything about the functionality of the plugin.

In the meantime I’ve turned on notifications on my phone for when the tamper contact switch is opened. That’s probably better than having the screamer go off the next time I open the box to tinker around

Now thinking about this with more awake eyes, I too, think it would beneficial to have a triggerable mode for the Security System 'off' state. I will add this to the project stream as well. Again, no timeline for completion.

Following this thread Mike, I too want to add it in.

Thanks for a solid plugin mate.

I'm interested in this one too. I'm watching a zone on my traditional alarm that's configured to show if the alarm has been activated. I'd like to add an automation that when this goes high, it triggers the HomeKit alarm too. Currently of course I can only turn the HomeKit alarm on and off but not trigger it.