Alarm Panel INTERFACE compatability

So I have a 2GIG Go Control 2 panel with a cellular monitoring, multiple panels, wireless sensors, motion detectors, smoke/fire, etc., along with a 8 sensor takeover module that converts my wired door/window sensors to wireless. I don't want to interfere with or replace that equipment. I only want to have the door/window sensors available in SmartThings so I can setup additional automation. So I think the "Alarm Panel INTERFACE" is what I would want. Does anyone have any experience the the 2GIG takeover module or know if it would be compatible to use in conjunction with the INTERFACE board?

I am having issues trying to find documents/videos relating specifically to the "Alarm Panel INTERFACE" since searching for that term on the site still returns tons of details about the original product. Is there any comprehensive list of articles that only relate to the INTERFACE device? I really want to know how it will setup with SmartThings etc before spending any money on it.