Gardtec 840 alarm panel with interface module


I am in the process of setting up my traditional alarm panel with the interface modules. I have all zones working and the keyswitch is working. I can arm / disarm using the SmartThings app. I am however struggling to set up outputs for seeing the Armed Status and Alarm Status. I am not sure where the jumper cable goes from Zones 1 & 2 of my second interface module. Can anyone help.

Thanks in advance

Hi....For my issue,I got some new wires and traded the blown one out. Sadly all the other things continues as before - I reconnected the power and the LED comes on as in the past, yet nothing else occurs - the keypad is still totally dead.

I attempted another breaker in the event the substitution was broken, however no karma.

I'm at a digit of a misfortune now as what to do - is the unit a discount, or is there a possibility that there might be another issue in the framework that is moderately effectively fixed?

I'm expecting to be that assuming it was an issue in the keypad and all the other things was working that then the caution would be sounding as an alter issue?