Adding a second DS18B20 Temperature Probe issue


When I add a second DS18B20 temp probe to the Homebridge Konnected config I loose the first.

Looking at the Konnected Pro board live logs it is only receiving the call for the second zone twice.

Below screen shot of the Konnected live log with both zones zone 1 & zone 2 enabled


Below with only zone 1 enabled.


I have been able to reproduce this on two different Konnected Pro boards.

As soon as I disable the second zone config in the Homebridge Konnected plugin the first zone temp returns.

I have tried to restart Homebridge twice to make sure the cachedAccessories file is read, as well as deleting the cachedAccessories file.


Debian build

Node.js Version v16.17.0

Homebridge Version 1.5.0

Konnected Pro hardware Version 1.7

Firmware Version fw v1.0.0-680e5a

Log attached for Konnected Pro panelĀ 

Homebridge config attached.

I would like to add several DS18B20's to the same Konnected Pro board.


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I don't have multipleĀ DS18B20 temp probes to test with, nor can I reproduce this issue .. if you want to buy me a bunch and send them to me, I can test and modify the homebridge plugin code, but as far as it goes these shouldn't overlap/overwrite or block other sensor settings as far as I know.