Two boards - only one will talk to Homebridge at a time

HI there.

Having a very strange problem. I have a Konnected Pro and a Wifi board. I had a bunch of network issues but worked out one of my wifi extenders what fighting my Konnected for an IP address.

So, I will go thru the entire process as you may not believe it. Whichever board I start up first will work in Homekit.

The picture below is my wifi board. Pin 7 is my laundry door.

I open the door. and I see this on the Konnected status page. The pin changes to state 1. This happens all the three contact sensors on this panel.

But as you can see, Homebridge does not blink, and neither does Homekit. see pic

I have the panel setup like so

My Konnected pro works, this my children jumping up and down to trigger motion.


Now for all the stuff you are going to tell me to do.

I have reset 20 times. both cards

I have cleared the Homebridge cache of the items on this wifi card.

I bought a new mesh wifi system, and moved it to that.

I had exactly the same problem with Hubitat, that item is now unplugged, but I feel I owe it an apology as it has been framed.

The simple fact is, if both cards are plugged in at the same time, only one of them will function in Homebridge. If i reset the pro card and remove it, the wifi contact sensors start showing in Homebridge after a reset.

Hi David,

Apologies for not reaching out sooner, I wasn't set up to follow the main forum channel for new posts.

I'm not sure if you've been able to resolve your issues, but ping me back in the parent topic for this post here:


// Mike