Contact sensors not reporting into homebridge/homekit

I have been on a journey trying to work out my issue

I finally got somewhere.
I have a pro with my motion sensors. They all work most of the time

I have a wifi edition with my contact sensors. I could not get my motion sensors and contact both working. I was convinced it was my wifi model

I moved my contact sensors to my pro board

I added the zones in the plugin
I can see the contact sensor change state in my konnected app when I open the door, so the sensor is good, but not in HomeKit see pics

Wtf? My motions sensors still operate

Hi David,

Apologies for not reaching out sooner, I wasn't set up to follow the main forum channel for new posts.

I'm not sure if you've been able to resolve your issues, but ping me back in the parent topic for this post here:


// Mike