7x Konnected Alarm Panel Pros (happy customer)


Our home, though relatively modern, came equipped with a conventional alarm system. While functional, it was a mismatch with the rest of our home that was streamlined with automation technologies like KNX, modbus, and the like. We had the alarm system interfaced with the KNX too, but its compatibility issues made it impossible for me to monitor all the sensors (or zones) through my home automation software, Home Assistant.

Recognizing this, I took the initiative to document the current setup of my alarm system, which encompassed about 70 zones, and placed an order for 7 Konnected Alarm Panel Pros. That marked the beginning of a new project for me.

Throughout the reconstruction, I not only enjoyed the process but also expanded my knowledge base significantly. The brilliance of both the hardware and software left me in awe. As part of the setup, I utilized ESPHome and integrated the Alarmo plug-in with Home Assistant.

I’m extremely satisfied with the outcomes, and owe a big thank you to Konnected!

Best Wishes,


This is awesome, John! Thank you for the testimonial. I would love to see a pic of the 7 pros installed! Those kind of installation pics inspire a lot of people.

Also I’m glad you took the plunge with ESPHome.

Let us know if we can help or advise in any other way. Looking forward to seeing you participate here in the community!