Wondering about the difference between all the Konnected products

So I have a wired alarm at my business. It's old but reliable. The keypad is getting pretty worn now, and you have to press really hard to get the buttons to react. In addition, while it CAN notify me on my mobile if the alarm goes off, I can't arm/disarm from my smartphone, I don't get alerts if it ISN'T set, and I don't get PUSH notifications if the alarm goes off.

I'd like to change all that (i.e. have all those features).

At HOME, I use Home Assistant and the gazoscalvertos/Hass-Custom-Alarm with zigbee sensors to achieve pretty much everything I want to achieve at work - except at work I'm wanting to re-use the existing sensors as they're wired in and reliable.

I'm having trouble figuring out what the 2020 products (why have Konnected called them 2019 products when they won't be released until maybe 2020? Surely it would have made more sense for them to call them 2020 products? When they're released in mid 2020 they will already 'appear' to be out of date?!) offer over the existing boards, and what the difference is between the various products.

I'd love some help...