Wired Sensor not being recognized in HA/ESPHome

I’m getting an error message in my YAML when i expose the wired sensor in HA.

It was working but not anymore. Thoughts?

NFO ESPHome 2023.11.3
INFO Reading configuration /config/esphome/garage-door-6f6186.yaml…
Failed config

binary_sensor.unknown: [source /config/esphome/garage-door-6f6186.yaml:17]

Source for extension of ID ‘garage_door_wired_sensor’ was not found.
id: !extend garage_door_wired_sensor
name: GarageDoor Wired
internal: False

YAML is:

  • id: !extend garage_door_wired_sensor
    name: GarageDoor Wired
    internal: false

In the YAML editor the “garage_door_wired_sensor” is underline in Red

Thanks for the help.

But i do have a sensor as a device entity of


Since release 2023.11.2 the wired sensor input is exposed to HA by default. Also I changed the internal ID to garage_door_input instead of garage_door_wired_sensor. You no longer need to add that binary_sensor extend block to get the wired input to show up in HA.

Just delete that section if you are upgrading and getting this error on garage_door_wired_sensor.

Documentation updated here.